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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!


Little Wandle phonics based home reading books will go home on a Friday once they have been read in school. Your child will have re-read this book and they will be familiar with it. Please encourage your child to read it to you every day. There are some comprehension questions that you can ask in the back of the book. After hearing the children read, parents should sign and write a comment in the reading record. The children need to bring their reading record to school every day. The reading book needs to be returned on Monday. 


Most children in Year 2 will take home an Accelerated Reader book. This book will be matched to their reading ability and children will complete a comprehension quiz once they have read the book.


Children will also take home a ‘sharing’ library book. This book is chosen by your child from their weekly visit to the school library. You can share and read this book to your child.



In English we use a Talk for Writing approach. At the heart of this is vocabulary. Children internalise story and text language and structures through imitating the model text. Children learn to apply new learning, grammar and vocabulary when innovating or inventing their own stories, poems or nonfiction writing. They write for a variety of purposes. Children learn to use what they have learned in English and apply this across different curriculum subjects.

Please follow this link for more information about what, how and why your child will be taught English in our school.


In Maths we use a Mastery approach. During Maths children learn a range of skills including counting and number skills, calculations, shape and measure, and statistics. Children use a range of equipment such as dienes, tense frames, place value charts, cubes, counters, number lines and hundred squares. They are also taught different recording methods for the four operations which can be found in the school’s ‘Calculation Policy’. Children do additional Maths Mastery each week.


Please follow this link for more information about what, how and why your child will be taught Maths in our school.

Children learn other Curriculum subjects through exciting topics. These topics start with real life WOW moments providing children with new experiences and skills such as the Health Care Professional interviews with members of our school community and using age appropriate first aid from Red Cross to help someone suffering from a burn. Our topics are as follows -


Autumn 1 - People who made a difference - Nurses

Autumn 2 - People who make a difference - Isatou Ceesay and the Recycling Women of the Gambia.

Spring 1 - The Great Fire of London

Spring 2 - Awesome Authors

Summer 1 - Window - A View to our World

Summer 2 - Seaside


Please look at our curriculum map overview each half term for more detail about what your child will learn in Science and the Foundation subjects.


All children use the school library each week to select a new library book which is chosen by the children to reflect their interests and enjoyment.

Mrs Browne our School Librarian helps children to select books based on their interests whilst promoting a range of books and authors that expands children’s knowledge of books.

These books are to be looked after: please do not allow younger brothers and sisters to play with them. Any loss or damage will need to be paid for before your child can borrow another book.

Please see below for your child's class Library day:

                              Monday       Kingfisher Class

                              Tuesday       Lark Class

                              Wednesday  Owl Class

                              Thursday      Puffin Class

PE Information

Your child will have PE twice a week but they only need to come into school wearing their PE kit on the day listed below. Children will need to wear a white T-shirt and dark leggings or tracksuit bottoms, but please ensure that they have elasticated ankles for safety reasons. Children will also need to wear plimsolls. Please try and avoid shoes with laces if your child is unable to tie them. 

PE Timetable  
 TuesdayKingfisher Class
 WednesdayPuffin Class
 ThursdayOwl Class
 FridayLark Class


Homework will be set and completed on Google Classroom. Homework is set on a Wednesday and it is due back the following Monday. Your child will receive Maths homework and Topic homework in addition to their Reading and Spelling homework.

Spellings go home on a Monday and the children have a week to learn them before their spelling test the following Monday. 


Please speak to your child’s class teacher if you have any questions before the deadline for homework.

Click on the link below to take you to the Home Learning page.

Birthday Books

We often get requests from parents asking if they can bring sweets into school to celebrate their child’s birthday. As a healthy eating school our policy is that we do not support the sharing of sweets.


However, we do recognise that birthdays are an important event in the lives of the children at our school, and they enjoy sharing their celebrations with their school friends.  We always make a fuss about each child’s birthday in school, and this will continue, but for those who would like to share something with their friends in school each class has a ‘Birthday Book’ corner.


If you wanted to celebrate your child’s birthday with their school friends, you could purchase a book for their classroom’s Birthday Book corner. The book you purchase can be enjoyed by your child and their classmates all year round. We will even put a special Birthday Book label in the book to mark your child’s birthday, and the gift you have bought for the class!  


For more details, and information on your child's class Birthday Book wish list on Amazon, please click below...