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Pupil voice survey results 2019

236 children answered the survey.

127 children said they enjoyed school all the time, 63 for most of the time and 47 some of the time. 6 said no because we have to do work, because of the sun and sometimes when we have fun lessons.

161 children said they felt safe in our school all the time, 52 for most of the time and 27 some of the time.

212 children said they knew how to keep themselves safe. 23 children said they don’t know how and 1 child said most of the time. 1 child said when they look at both sides of the road they can keep themselves safe.

59 children said they felt children in our school are well behaved all of the time, 99 children said most of the time children are well behaved. 85 thought children were well behaved some of the time.

Art was the most popular subject by 68 children. PE came second with 42 children and Maths followed behind as the third most popular subject.

45 children have attended lunch time clubs and 94 children have been to after school clubs.

Football club was the most attended club this year with Pencil fun coming in second as the most attended.

Art, Cooking, Football and Cricket and Gymnastics club came out as the most requested club. New club requests are Science club, Sewing club, model making, Slime making and Choir.

135 children said they know how to improve their work. 49 children said they know how to improve their work most of the time, 40 some of the time and 9 said they did not know how to improve their work.

193 children said the know how to keep healthy, 35 knew some ways and 7 did not know how to keep healthy.


Comparison with 2018 results

This year less children answered the survey compared to last year. Cohort in Year 2 is smaller.

2018-268       2019-236    32 less children answered the survey this year

Do you enjoy school?  Combined with all and most of the time.

2018- 89%    2019- 80.5%   Decrease by 8.5 %

Do you feel safe in our school? Combined with all and most of the time.  

2018- 94%      2019- 90.2%   Decrease by 3.8%

Which subject do you like the best?  

2019-Art, P.E. and Maths were the most popular.

Have you been to any clubs this year? Combined with lunch and after school clubs.

2018- 55%      2019- 60.5%    Increase by 5.5%

Do you think children are well behaved? Combined with all and most of the time.  

2018- 76%   2019- 66.9%      Decrease by 9.1%

Do you know how to make your work better?  Combined with yes and most of the time.

2018-   87%       2019-78%   Decrease by 9%

There is a decrease in a lot of areas. Next year I will look into adapting the questions to support children’s understanding of each question further by making it more child friendly with appropriate language and looking into the possibility of scoring on a scale rather than ticking all, some or most questions.



240 divide by 268 x100

No of children divide by total and multiply by 100.