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School Uniform List  

Our school uniform colour is a combination of purple and dark grey/black. Most items can be bought from high street shops or supermarkets. Some items are only available from the school office and these are clearly marked on the list.

For girls:

  •  Purple sweatshirt with school logo or purple cardigan with school logo (only available from the school office)
  • Dark grey or black skirt/pinafore dress/ trousers
  • White blouse or white polo shirt*
  • Plain white short or knee length socks or  Plain dark grey or black tights 
  • Purple and white checked / striped summer dress with white cardigan (optional in Summer Term only)
  • Girls may wear black or white leggings under skirts or dresses
  •  Shalwar Kameez ( dark grey or black shalwar and white kameez)
  • Black school shoes (with easy fastenings e.g. velcro


For boys:

  • Purple sweatshirt with school logo (only available from the school office) 
  • Dark grey or black trousers
  • White shirt or white polo shirt*
  • Dark grey or black shorts (optional in Summer)
  • Black or white socks only, bright coloured socks are not permitted.
  • Black school shoes (with easy fastenings e.g. velcro)


* Plain white polo shirts are acceptable as school uniform but should you wish to purchase a white polo shirt with the school logo, these are available from the school office.


Parents or carers who wish their children to wear a turban, skull-cap or topi should keep to the school colours of either dark grey or black.


Parents or carers who wish their children to wear a head covering (hijab) should ensure it is a ‘ready-made’ elasticated type that is of shoulder length and can be slipped on and off easily. It should be plain dark grey, black or white in colour.


The children will also need a P.E kit in school. This should consist of: 

  • Plain white t-shirt
  • Black P.E shorts, leggings or tracksuit bottoms with elastic bottoms
  • Black Plimsolls 



Children in Year R also need to have a pair of Wellington Boots in school. 





Uniform order forms for the embroidered sweatshirts, cardigans and polo shirts can be found on the leaflet stand in school reception. Alternatively you can download and print the form here.  These three items are only available to buy from school. Trousers, skirts, plain polo shirts and footwear can be purchased from most supermarkets and department stores.

Please note that, due to the current COVID-19 situation, you are not able to exchange or return uniform once purchased, even it it does not fit correctly. So please make sure that you measure your child and follow the size guide on the order form. (The order form says that we are happy to exchange, but unfortunately at the moment this is not the case).


If you order more than one of any item we will issue one initially, and then when you are happy you have the right size we will provide the additional items. 



      Tips for Buying Uniform.           

1.  Please name all items of uniform and keep checking the name is present. Names that have been written in pen may eventually wash off. You can buy stickers that have the child's name printed on which will last for longer. 

2. Please only buy short sleeved polo shirts. 

3. Make sure all uniform fits correctly. Uniform that is too tight or small will be very difficult for your child to take off and put back on again for P.E

4. Try to avoid dressing girls in tights and pinafore dresses on P.E days as these are trickier to take off when changing into a P.E kit. 



If you are in receipt of certain benefits, such as Income Support, Child Tax Credit, Income Related Jobseekers Allowance, and have successfully registered as being eligible for Free Schools Meals, you may be entitled to some help toward the cost of school uniform.