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Parents' Welcome

Comments taken from the most recent Parent Survey. To view the survey results in full, please click on the link below.


'Very happy with how school teaches reading/phonics etc. My child has made huge progress and I’m happy with that! Thank you!’


'Staff are all very approachable. A very welcoming school with warm staff and helpful too.'


'Feedback about child’s progress during parent’s evening is particularly valuable – not only informing of current progress – but more importantly highlights next steps to be taken to support child’s learning.'


'Thanks to all the staff and the Headteacher who does a good job to keep everything running so smoothly and well. Great school, well done to all.'


'This school does everything pretty well. The teachers on the whole are friendly and approachable. The most important thing for me is that my child enjoys going to school, looks forward to going to school, and is happy at school. So well done to this school for making my child enjoy school. Thank you.'


'Very good communication with parents. Brilliant workshops offered to parents.'


'This is a fantastic school. My child really enjoyed the super clubs like tennis and sports. Pleased with his learning and progress made. Thank you.'


'We are always well informed/updated via SMS relating to school closures.

We find the courses offered and the learning logs very useful.'


'The teaching & non teaching staff are excellent – very supportive, helpful and focussed on the children.

The extra curricular activities are excellent.'