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Achievement Awards

We are extremely proud of all our prestigious awards and quality marks that we have received which recognise our school's hard work and achievements.


In December 2018 we had our most recent Ofsted inspection, and we were rated as 'Good'


The following statement is a quote from their report:  "You have created a friendly, welcoming and happy school. Pupils behave very well in their classrooms and clearly enjoy coming to school. William Austin Infant School provides pupils with a good start to their educational careers. You ensure that diversity is valued in your school and that pupils learn about and respect each other’s beliefs. For example, on the day that the inspection took place, pupils enjoyed decorating the school’s Christmas tree, displayed proudly in the hall. At other times, pupils learn about other religious festivals, such as Eid and Diwali. You have been successful in gaining the trust of parents and carers so that all pupils take part in such activities, regardless of their family’s beliefs."

Healthy Smiles 2021

William Austin Infant School is proud to have achieved the Healthy Smiles Plus Award 2021, an accredited oral health and nutrition programme to support and enable services working with children to adopt tooth-friendly and healthy nutrition.

The contact at our setting is: Mrs Kirsop




Modeshift Stars Silver Award 2019

Modeshift STARS Education scheme recognises schools and other educational establishments that have shown excellence in supporting cycling, walking and other forms of sustainable and active travel. William Austin Infants is proud to have received this award in 2019 for our continued commitment in supporting active travel to school and reducing the number of children coming to school by car.




Values Based Education Quality Mark 2018

We are proud to have been awarded in July 2018 the Quality Mark as a Values-based School.

“There is overwhelming evidence that this is a Values-based School. The staff are clear role models of values to the children. Values underpin the strategic thinking of the school and all the policies and practices that are in place.

The impact of VbE is as follows: The children enjoy being at school. They come into school smiling and take every opportunity to get involved in school life e.g. Pupil Parliament, lunchtime helpers.

The children know what is expected of them and how to make good choices in their behaviour and their learning. The children are learning to become thoughtful and caring individuals. They support each other and are respectful of the differences they may have in faith and religion. The school is a lovely place to learn. Staff are happy to come to work.

It is a happy school where staff are developed and actively support and care for each other, as well as the children”. VbE Quality Mark Report for William Austin Infant School, 2018.

Silver Artsmark Award 2018

As a school we have been awarded the Silver Artsmark Award by Arts Council England.  The Artsmark Award is a valuable tool for enriching the schools arts provision and ensuring the many benefits brought by the arts are infused across the curriculum and the school community.

We have successfully shown that the seven Quality principles set by the Arts Council England are reflected by our school:

  1. Striving for excellence and innovation
  2. Being authentic
  3. Being exciting, inspiring and engaging
  4. Ensuring a positive and inclusive experience
  5. Actively involving children and young people
  6. Enabling personal progression
  7. Developing belonging and ownership


On achieving this award the assessment panel recognise that all children in our school are offered equal opportunity to participate in a broad range of arts and cultural experiences, and made the following comment:

"The panel were pleased to read of the many positive impacts your Artsmark journey has had on your school and pupils such as improved vocabulary amongst Reception pupils and staff becoming more confident in their teaching of 3D art. The panel noted the positive change in your school's Equality Action Plan which now outlines the range of arts and culture opportunities to be made available to your pupils."

Green Tree School Bronze Award

Our Green Tree Schools Award from the Woodland Trust encourages outdoor learning and inspires pupils about trees, woods and wildlife.


Our school took part in fun, practical projects while helping the environment and improving our grounds, and achieved Bronze Award status.

Silver Primary Science Quality Award

In 2016, William Austin Infant School were awarded the Silver Primary Quality Mark. This award acknowledges the schools achievement in the teaching and learning of Science. We are continuing on with our Science journey by working hard and aiming towards achieving the Gold Primary Quality Mark.


William Austin Infant School was highly commended for developing and using questioning skills allowing children to ask and answer their own scientific questions, as well as providing an exciting, stimulating, enquiry environment with activities that motivate the children, enabling them to make high achievements in all areas of science learning.