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Values Super Stars

Values Superstars 2023-2024

Our Values Super Stars always make us extremely proud! They are excellent role models to their peers in school, and wear their Values crowns with pride!

Values-based Education is at the very core of everything we are as a school, and we will always promote these Values throughout our curriculum and our everyday lives.

Our Super Stars for January's Value of Tolerance are:

Year R:  Kaysha (Buttercup), Dawud (Daisy), Ameerah (Poppy), Selina (Snowdrop)

Year 1:  Maryam (Beech), Manha (Oak), Ekamjeet (Pine), Faiza (Willow)

Year 2:  Imaan (Kingfisher), Mohammed (Lark), Alina (Owl), Anabia (Puffin)

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Our Super Stars for December's Value of Patience are:

Year R:  Nikita (Buttercup), Sana (Daisy), Opal (Poppy), Dawud (Snowdrop)

Year 1:  Norah (Beech), Iyma (Oak), Khadija (Pine), Nahyan (Willow)

Year 2:  Haidar K (Kingfisher), Ali (Lark), Jad (Owl), Ahmad H (Puffin)

Our Super Stars for November's Value of Respect are:

Year R:  Maryam (Buttercup), Faatimazahra (Daisy), Ayaan (Poppy), Umaima (Snowdrop)

Year 1:  Rebecca (Beech), Kaif (Oak), Zahra (Pine), Eva (Willow)

Year 2:  Amirah (Kingfisher), Abu Bakar (Lark), Hanifa (Owl), Aysha (Puffin)

Our Super Stars for October's Value of Caring are:

Year R:  Maira (Buttercup), Aleena (Daisy), Nicholas (Poppy), Khadija (Snowdrop)

Year 1:  Harim (Beech), Jemimah (Oak), Naxhije (Pine), Ali-Zaman (Willow)

Year 2:  Haaniya (Kingfisher), Salman (Lark), Mishaal (Owl), Abdul (Puffin)

Our Super Stars for September's Value of Happiness are:

Year R:  Mason (Buttercup), Abu-Bakar (Daisy), Maira (Poppy), Amirah (Snowdrop)

Year 1:  Sophia (Beech), Haniyya (Oak), Amirah (Pine), Halimah (Willow)

Year 2:  Sa'Diyah (Kingfisher), Maira (Lark), Maryam (Owl), Catalina (Puffin)

Values Super Stars 2022-2023

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