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School Involvement Through the Year

School Involvement Throughout the Year 

As a school we like to involve parents as much as possible and we try to arrange different things throughout the year that we invite you to.

Here are a list of events we may invite you to throughout the year or post on our website for you to look at:


  • Friday photos - every Friday we will upload some photos from each class to show what we have been doing in class that week.
  • Curriculum workshops - throughout the year we will run workshops for parents about what your child is learning in school and in these workshops we will give you ways you can help your child at home.
  • Creative workshops - throughout the year we will run workshops for parents linked to certain themes- Diwali, Eid, Values etc. These workshops are opportunities for you to work with your child on given activities in the classroom.
  • Reading – in the first term we will begin to send a book home each week at the weekend with your child that they will be able to read or talk about and we ask you to hear them read and sign their reading record at least twice over the weekend. Your child will also bring home a library book every week that they will choose, please share the book with your child and encourage them to talk about it.
  • Google Classroom – in the Summer term you will be sent information on your child’s Google Classroom account. This will be where homework will be set weekly and you will have a week to complete it.
  • School trips - we hope to go on school trips throughout the year and we may need help from parents to come along to support and look after the children.
  • Celebration days- if the school is celebrating a special day you may be asked in to celebrate with us.