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MPP's visit to Luton Town Hall

Town Hall Trip.

Our Members of Pupil Parliament (MPP’s) recently enjoyed a trip to Luton Town Hall where they got to meet the Mayor and Mayoress of Luton. On arrival they were welcomed by the Civic Chauffeur who escorted them to the Council Chamber. Here they were able to use special microphones to ask questions they had prepared in advance of their visit. The MPP’s were able to ask important questions like are you proud to be the Mayor of Luton? How do you make important decisions? What makes Luton special? They also asked fun questions like what is your favourite sport and what do you like to cook?

The Mayor and Mayoress explained what the role of the council is and what they do for the town in their special roles. They then brought the children in to visit the Mayors Parlour where members of school staff were able to sign the visitor’s book. We also got to see the front page which has been signed by Queen Elizabeth!

To finish off the visit the MPP’s enjoyed refreshments in the Silver Room and received a gift as a memory of their morning at the Town Hall.

It was a brilliant visit and was enjoyed by the children and adults who attended the trip. Take a look through the photos to see what it’s like inside the Town Hall.