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Mad Science Day

Mad Science

All year groups had a fantastic Science themed day.

Year 1 and 2 had two Mad Scientists come in and cause a big stir! Year 1 had a Mini beast workshop and Year 2 had one all about the Human body. Children experienced “wow moments” when the Scientists showed the children an exploding helium balloon, set alight flash paper and changed water into crystals. Year 2 were amazed at all the different equipment that can be used to make a variety of sounds.

Throughout the day all classes carried out investigations. Year 2 enjoyed creating mini exploding volcanoes out of lemons, seeing whose paper airplane would fly the furthest, racing cars down ramps made from different materials and creating bridges to hold weight using lollypop sticks.

Year 1 had lots of fun creating their own bubble wands, seasonal palettes, colouring mixing and exploring their senses carrying out a range of activities with a blindfold.  

Year R enjoyed exploring forces using the marble run, exploring light & dark, colour mixing, senses, nature & living things and sorting different materials.