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  • The Values Education Programme consists of two sets of eleven ‘learning values’ over a two year rolling programme.
  • Each month a new value is introduced through an explicit values lesson in each class, with the work generated leading to a classroom display to support children’s understanding of the value.
  • Further understanding of the value in the context of the school and the wider community is developed through assemblies and through the value being promoted by all staff in every aspect of school life.
  • Assembly themes will be predominantly values based with religious festivals observed and a balance of different religions promoted in teaching our values.
  • Parents are invited to regular workshops for values lessons and to celebrate a wide range of religious celebrations and festivals including Eid, Diwali, Christmas and Harvest.
  • British Values are explicitly taught to children through ‘British Values Weeks’ throughout the year and throughout the curriculum.
  • Circle time during SEAL and PSHE lessons provide further opportunities to discuss and promote values within each classroom with informal opportunities being utilised whenever possible, e.g. playtime.
  • Each month children are chosen as values role models within school by their teachers and are awarded in school in a special assembly. Staff are also awarded as value role-models within school for sharing and living the values each day.
  • Religious Education (RE) lessons encourage children to respect the religious, spiritual and moral values of others and to consider thoughtfully their own values and beliefs.
  • Values are displayed outside the school entrance, in the school hall and within each classroom.
  • Posters suggesting ways in which the value might be demonstrated are displayed throughout the school and are discussed with pupils.
  • Values are promoted to parents through our school brochure, values newsletter and parent workshops which highlights each new value and explains what they mean and how they can be shown.
  • Values are promoted to the community through our website which highlights our values approach and was highlighted in our last Ofsted inspection report.