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African Drumming with Year 5

In Year 2 our Autumn 2 topic has been ‘People who make a difference, Isatou Ceesay and the recycling women of The Gambia’. MIn Geography we have been learning about Serrekunda which is in The Gambia. As part of our topic Mrs Slater and some Year 5 children very kindly came in and led on African drumming workshop. They brought over all their lovely Djembe drums. We learnt that the Djembe drums come from West Africa where The Gambia is located. Mrs Slater told us that the bottom of the Djembe drum is made from wood and looks like a tree trunk. Normally the top of a Djembe drum is made out of goat’s skin. Our drum skin was made from plastic.  We learnt that the Djembe drum was used to announce that the King of Mali had arrived. Mrs Slater taught us how to make a ‘bass’ and ‘tone’ sound on the Djembe drum using the whole of our hand and striking the middle of the drum and then using our three fingers on the edge of the drum.  We practised repeating rhythms that she taught us. After that we learnt how to call and respond as a group. Finally she taught us how to ‘rumble’ on the Djembe drum and we used our knowledge of dynamics to play loud and quietly as instructed by Mrs Slater. We had such a wonderful afternoon and left feeling inspired by the Year 5 children who helped us throughout the workshop. Thank you Mrs Slater and Year 5!