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Year 2

Year 2 had a wonderful Number Day! In the morning children came to school wearing numbers, we even had a few calculators! Children were able to tell their friends everything they knew about their number. Soon it was time for the Number Day carousel!

In Lark Class we had fun rolling dice and spinners using the two numbers to complete three of the four operations, addition, subtraction and multiplication. Next it was onto Puffin Class where we had to wrap up as we took part some target practice with beanbags. Each hoop had a different value and we had to total these to work out who had the most points. After that we visited Owl Class and had fun making number bonds! We used different 2D shapes and put numbers in the corners to make number bonds to ten and 100! Later it was time to visit Kingfisher Class and we played fraction snap! We also found equal parts of some numbers. Finally we visited Robin Class and played ‘Guess my number’. We then had a number card problem to solve, it really made us think!

What a brilliant day we had! Have a look at all our Number Day memories!