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Super Star Achievers

Super Star Achievers 2023-2024


We hold weekly assemblies for Year 1 and Year 2 where a child from each class is presented with a special reward for success in a particular area, such as reading or helping others. We always praise effort as well as attainment and believe this motivates children to be better learners.

Maths Superstars, week commencing 22 January 2024

Our Maths Superstars this week are:

Year 1 -  Ahmed (Beech), Walid (Oak), Aoron (Pine), Oumou (Willow)

Year 2 -  Burhan (Kingfisher), Saleeha (Lark), Suraya (Owl), Mikaeel (Puffin)

Reading Superstars, week commencing 15 January 2024

Year 1 -  Ameer (Beech), Aun (Oak), Umme Saniya (Pine), Ayaan (Willow)

Year 2 -  Aleem (Kingfisher), Aisha (Lark), Mikaeel G (Owl), Ali (Puffin)

Kindness Week Superstars, week commencing 27 November 2023

Year R -   Safia & Yusuf (Buttercup), Eduard & Ayleen (Daisy)

                 Nicholas & Hareem (Poppy), Yasmin & Dawud (Snowdrop)

Year 1 -   Maya, Norah & Jannat (Beech),  Musa & Ayaan (Oak),

                Naxhije & Saahil (Pine), Ayah & Abdullah (Willow)

Year 2 -   Mariam & Zara (Kingfisher), Mohammed & Arya (Lark),

                Diyanah & Adyan (Owl), Ilyana & Shoaib (Puffin)

Good Handwriting and Presentation Superstars, week commencing 20 November 2023

Year 1 -   Jibran (Beech),  Zainab (Oak), Khadija (Pine), Daiyan (Willow)

Year 2 -  Tayba (Kingfisher), Ali (Lark), Amina (Owl), Akif (Puffin)

PE Superstars, week commencing 13 November 2023

Year 1 -   Asiyah (Beech),  Ayaan (Oak), Aaron (Pine), Musa (Willow)

Year 2 -  Harris (Kingfisher), Ajwa (Lark), Sayyam (Owl), Aleem (Puffin)

Science Superstars, week commencing 6 November 2023

Year 1:   Ayat (Beech),  Ibrahim (Oak), Arwa (Pine), Usman (Willow)

Year 2:   Yahya (Kingfisher), Aydn (Lark), David (Owl), Dawood (Puffin)

Year 1 Maths Superstars, week commencing 16 October 2023

Hanniya (Beech),  Nishiv (Oak), Musa (Pine), Faiza (Willow)

Year 1 Science Superstars, week commencing 9 October 2023

Maahum (Beech),  Khadijah (Oak), Haniya (Pine), Ayah (Willow)

Writing Superstars, week commencing 25 September 2023

Year 1 -   Zaynab (Beech),  Ibrahim (Oak), Anaya (Pine), Eliza (Willow)

Year 2 -  Haroon (Kingfisher), Azaan (Lark), Musab (Owl), Shayan (Puffin)

Reading Superstars, week commencing 18 September 2023

Year 1 -  Harim (Beech), Musa (Oak), Azmina (Pine), Ali Zamin (Willow)

Year 2 -  Burhan (Kingfisher), Anaya (Lark), Amina (Owl), Zidan (Puffin)

Maths Superstars, week commencing 11 September 2023

Year 1 - Rebecca (Beech), Anays (Oak), Zakariya (Pine), Nahyan (Willow)

Year 2 - Abu Bakr (Kingfisher), Rayaan (Lark), David (Owl), Mahmood (Puffin) 


Our Super Star Achievers for 2022-2023

We are very proud of all our Super Star achievers this past year! They have received awards for demonstrating good behaviour, good presentation of their work and excellent work in Maths, English, Reading, Handwriting, Topic Work, Art and Science.

Take a look at our slideshow to see the children showing off their work!