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Welcome to Reception!

Friday Photos


Here is a slideshow of photos from all of the Year R classes to see what their child's class has been doing over the course of the week. We call this 'Friday Photos'!  Remember to take a look each Friday evening, and see if you can spot your child! 

Birthday Books

We often get requests from parents asking if they can bring sweets into school to celebrate their child’s birthday. As a healthy eating school our policy is that we do not support the sharing of sweets.


However, we do recognise that birthdays are an important event in the lives of the children at our school, and they enjoy sharing their celebrations with their school friends.  We always make a fuss about each child’s birthday in school, and this will continue, but for those who would like to share something with their friends in school we are starting up a ‘Birthday Book’ corner.


If you wanted to celebrate your child’s birthday with their school friends, you could purchase a book for their classroom’s Birthday Book corner. The book you purchase can be enjoyed by your child and their classmates all year round. We will even put a special Birthday Book label in the book to mark your child’s birthday, and the gift you have bought for the class!  


For more details, and information on your child's class Birthday Book wish list on Amazon, please click below...

Click on the link below to take you to the Home Learning page.

PE Information

Your child will have PE once a week. When it is the day for your child to do PE, they should come in to school wearing their PE kit, and they will stay in this all day.  Children should wear a white T-shirt and dark leggings or tracksuit bottoms, but can we please ask that these have elasticated ankles for safety reasons. Children will also need to wear plimsolls.


For your reference the Year R Classes have PE on the following days:

Tuesday - Buttercup Class

Wednesday - Poppy Class

Thursday - Snowdrop Class

Friday - Daisy Class



Children’s home reading books will be sent home on a Friday once they have read it with an adult at school throughout the week. Your child should be familiar with the book that is sent home and will want to read it and share it with you to show you how good at reading they are. Please hear them read at least twice over the weekend and sign and write a comment in the reading record.  The book and reading record will then need to be returned to school on the Monday.

To contact your child's class teacher directly please use the relevant email address below:

For Buttercup Class email:

For Daisy Class email:

For Poppy Class email:

For Snowdrop Class email: