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Living our Values through Lockdown

'Living our values through lockdown'

More than ever, it is a time for us all to use and share our values with each other. We thought it would be a nice idea to share some positive news during this time with our values as the focus.

Every two weeks we will be setting a ‘values activity’ alongside our home learning. This activity is for children and their families to reflect on some values based questions and to then share it however they feel would be best on our ‘living the values through lockdown’ blog on our school website.

We want you to be as creative as possible. You may want to draw or paint a picture of your thoughts or do some special writing. Maybe you would like to write a poem or take a photo of you doing something linked to the question.

Please note: if you send in photos, we will presume you are giving permission for us to share them on the school website!

Don’t worry if you are stuck for ideas, there will be some visual examples provided to help. J

We are excited to share some values and see what you are all doing to stay positive, happy and grateful during this unprecedented time. Let’s try and make some positive memories during this time which will go down in history!

This Fortnight's Values Question

Monday 15th June                          

How do you show others you care?

During these unprecedented times, it has made many of us think about how we care for others and how we spend our time with the people we love and care about. How have you shown others you care during this time? Even before this pandemic, how did you show others you care? Maybe you have video messaged someone regularly to have a chat? Maybe you have helped your mum and dad at home with the washing up or the gardening? Maybe you have done some baking for a family member or friend and left it on their doorstep?


Whatever it is you have done or are doing to show others you care we would love to see it and to share it! Please send in photos and a short caption to share what you were doing.


The pictures below are just some examples to help you with your ideas. J


Just like the blogs before, we can’t wait to see what everyone has been doing at home during these unprecedented times. Please send your photos to:


Please also remember that if you send photos through, we will presume you are happy for them to be shared on our school website. J


Many thanks in advance!

Mrs MacDonald


Picture 1 Helping with gardening
Picture 2 Baking
Picture 3 Zoom or video chats