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Year 2

Dear Parents and Carers,
We are looking forward to seeing some of your children back in school for a morning this week for their second transition session. Please see the timetable below for the day your child's class is due in.

Both of their two transition sessions will run from 9.30am till 11.45am.


A couple of reminders…


Children should wear non-uniform and should bring in a water bottle.


Entry to the school site

For health and safety reasons there will be a one-way system in place when dropping your child off and picking them up. Please enter the school by the Year R playground entrance in Culverhouse Road at 9.30am, walk across the Year R playground to the blue double doors next to the Storytelling area, where the children will be met by a member of staff.  Please adhere to social distancing rules, staying 2 metres away from other parents, children, school staff and from the classroom teacher. There will be clear markings on the playground, signage and banners around the school to remind you. Once you have dropped your child off at school please leave the premises and exit the school by the main entrance gate as quickly as possible. Please do not stand and chat to other parents.

Pick up

Children should be picked up at 11:45am, from the same double doors that you dropped them off at.  Please do not be late!

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Lark Class Owl Class Puffin Class Robin Class

Kingfisher Class

Miss Ruddle

Mrs Shah 

Miss Rana

Mrs Ashman

Mr Herbert

Mrs Khanom

Mrs Begum

Mrs Khatoon

Mrs Nic Dhonncha

Mrs Kauser


Trip Refund:  You will be able to collect any Roald Dahl school trip refunds between 9:30am and 11:30am, or between 1.30pm and 4.15pm.   We will not be able to give refunds outside of these times, as access to the office entrance needs to be clear for our lunchtime staff to arrive and sign in for work, so please do not come to the office once you have collected your child from their morning session.

Please come to the School Office to collect your child’s trip refund and their School Report. You will need to sign for the refund, so please be prepared to wait. You must adhere to social distancing at all times.

Reading and Library Books: Please return any school reading and library books that you have at home. Most children will have two reading books and a library book. If your child is attending the sessions, please hand these to the class teacher when you drop them off.


If your child does not attend either session, you should still collect their refund, school report and PE kit, and return their reading/Library books,  between 9.30am and 11.30am, or 1.30pm and 4.15pm, at the School Office.  We will not be able to give refunds outside of these times, as access to the office entrance needs to be clear for our lunchtime staff to arrive and sign in for work.   If this is not convenient, then you will need to phone the office staff on (01582) 595198 to arrange another time to collect.

Weekly Update from the Year 2 Team

13 July 2020 


Dear Children and Parents from Lark, Puffin, Owl, Kingfisher and Robin Class,


Well, we’ve made it to the end of the Summer term! This is definitely not a normal end to the school year. We are missing celebrating all your lovely learning and your time in our school.


We have completed the Yearbook which is available to collect only for those children who have contributed to it, as previously stated on last week’s Year 2 update.  If your child is attending the transition mornings then this will be given to them on the day they come in. Thank you to all the parents who helped their child to complete these activities and sent them in to us.


It has been so lovely to see some of you for our transition meetings and we hope that you have found the transition activities useful at home. If you have picked up your school report the Year 3 booklet which was in the envelope will have told you who your new class teacher is. You should have also received an email sent on behalf of the Junior School on Friday, with details about next year’s classes and start dates/times the Junior School have in place for September.

Year 2 Class

New Year 3 Class

New Teacher


South America

Miss Thingsaker



Miss Haines & Mr Vallely



Mrs Zerva


North America

Mr Bradbury



Miss Liddiard


If you have not yet picked up your school report, PE kit and Roald Dahl refund from the school office please do. A lot of work has gone into producing the reports and organising all of these things for you to collect. Please remember to come to the office during the allocated times (9.30am to 11.30am, or 1.30pm to 4.15pm).  Please remember to stick to all the social distancing guidelines when collecting this information. Thank you in advance for your support and understanding.


The whole Year 2 team would like to thank you for all your support throughout the year but particularly through the lockdown period. Your messages and caring comments have meant a great deal to each and every one of us. We hope that you and those you love and care for remain safe and well.


From all of the Year 2 team, thank you, good luck and goodbye.


Miss Ruddle, Mr Herbert, Mrs Malik, Miss Rana, Mrs Nic Dhonncha, Miss Johnson, Mrs Begum, Mrs Patel, Mrs Faulder, Mrs Shah, Mrs Kauser, Mrs Khanom, Mrs Khatoon, Mrs Khatoon, Mrs Sami, Mrs Ashman, Mrs Nessa, Mrs Choudhury.

You are now able to email your child's teacher directly using one of the email addresses below to: 

  • Send the teacher photos or pictures and documents linked to home learning
  • Ask questions about home learning and home learning packs
  • Say hello and send us your news and updates from home
  • Send us photos of the children baking, enjoying arts and crafts, riding their bikes or playing in the garden

The teachers will respond to all of your emails, at least once a week, so please be patient with them.  It is important to stress that the class email is not an 'instant response' address for urgent issues.  Equally, please do not feel that you have to use this email address.  It is purely optional - honestly no pressure or judgement!  

Please use the relevant email address below:

For Kingfisher Class email:

For Lark Class email:

For Owl Class email:

For Puffin Class email:

For Robin Class email:


For enquiries that need a fast response, use the contact form at the bottom of the page for home learning queries, or for general enquiries use

To contact a member of the Year 2 Team

Please fill in the form below with a brief description of your enquiry, and a member of the Year 2 team wil get back to you as soon as they can.