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Year 2

Our Animal Parade

At the end of May Year 2 said goodbye to Hope the Elephant. She went to join the herd of elephants around Luton to celebrate 30 Years of Keech Hospice.  Children had a lot of fun painting Hope and seeing her transform from a blank white elephant our beautiful, colourful elephant. It has been a real team project and everyone has left a lasting mark on the 3D sculpture which was inspired by the artist Kandinsky.

Children learned lots about elephants and other animals during our ‘Wild about Wildlife’ topic and put on their very special animal parade.

Please take a look at all our hard work below. Children and their families can go and find the elephants during July until October.


Songs used during the parade-‘I am an elephant’Lindy Lou Productions

YolanDa's Band Jam – ‘Funky Elephant’

A cat sat on a Mat- Sing up