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Celebrating Achievements

At William Austin Infant School we regularly congratulate our children, recognising and celebrating their achievements, successes and improvements.

Attendance H.E.R.O. 

We want to encourage all of our children to be an Attendance H.E.R.O.!

It is very important that children have as little time off school as possible, and we like to recognise and reward children for their good attendance. Weekly, from each year group the class with the highest attendance win an attendance award and each child in that class are presented with an attendance sticker.  Each half term children with 98% -100% attendance get a Lucky Dip prize, and if your child achieves 100% attendance for a full term they are rewarded with a special treat! 

Super Star Achievers

We hold weekly assemblies for Year 1 and Year 2 where a child from each class is presented with a special reward for success in a particular area, such as reading or helping others. We always praise effort as well as attainment and believe this motivates children to be better learners.

Values Super Stars

At the end of each month we have a Values Assembly.  Children and staff 'Values Role Models' are chosen for showing and living our values at school and at home. 

Each class nominates a child who has best shown the Value for that month. The child wears a 'Values Crown' for the day with great pride, is awarded with a special certificate and their photo is displayed on our Values Wall of Fame!

School Rules and Behaviour

We involve the children when discussing and setting the school's 'Golden Rules', and the expectations on how they should behave both in school and at home.

It is important that they understand why we expect them to behave well, and by asking their opinion it empowers the children, and makes the rules easier for them to follow.