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Hope - From design to completion. The story continues...!

From Design to Completion

The Year 2 children took the painting of Hope very seriously, and were excited to be part of this amazing project. The project set out to celebrate the memories created at Keech Hospice whilst forming new ones in our community.  They had lots of fun transforming Hope from this blank, white sculpture to the bright, colourful and beautiful elephant we know today!  We are so proud of Hope, and of the children who created her! 


Alongside our important art project, Year 2 had a lot of fun reading and researching facts about elephants, solving elephant number problems in maths as well as writing newspaper reports and instructions on how to rescue an elephant. The corridor was full of singing, dancing and poetry performances as the children prepared for our animal parade when we said goodbye to Hope. After a long period of lockdown and restrictions it was so lovely to hear the excitement and joy that this project brought to our school!


Thank you too, to all the staff that helped along the way and displayed many of their own talents! (We think they secretly enjoyed themselves too!) 

The first brush strokes...

Marwaa, our winning designer, with Hope!

Our Animal Parade!

In May 2021, we said goodbye to Hope for the summer while she went on an adventure of her own to join the rest of her herd in Luton's Big Trunk Trail. Hope was to be found with some other baby elephants in The Mall shopping centre, but before she left us we had a bit of a party!! 

See below for photos of the Year 2 children giving Hope the send off she deserved in their Animal Parade!!

Year 2's Elephant Song

Still image for this video

Hope comes home!

In November we finally got the call we were waiting for... that we could collect Hope from Stockwood Discovery Centre where she had been on display in October as part of the grand finale of the Big Trunk Trail! 

We welcomed her to her forever home amongst her human herd!! We have designed a permanent display to enable us to show her off at her best, amid even more amazing artwork created by our brilliant children!!