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How do we teach Values?

How do we teach a Values Based Education?


The Values Education Programme consists of two sets of eleven ‘learning values’ over a two year rolling programme. Each month children across the school learn about a different value through an explicit values lesson which is then linked to a small task or activity. This work is then displayed in classrooms to further support children’s understanding of the value.



Further understanding of the value in the context of the school and wider community is then developed through assemblies and through the role modelling of all staff within the school. Values are displayed in each classroom, our school hall and library area to reinforce the values we aim to follow and use. Posters suggesting ways in which the value might be demonstrated are also displayed throughout the school and are discussed with pupils.




We aim to keep our website updated on a regular basis to promote our values within the community and to keep parents informed. 


We ask parents to continue supporting us in promoting our values at home through the learning log activity which is set each month according to the new value being taught. On each class window you will also find the value of the month displayed to ensure you know which value we are currently focusing on.