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Houses of Parliament Trip

MPP's trip to the Houses of Parliament

May 2019

On Thursday 16 May, our MPP’s went on a trip to London to visit the Houses of Parliament. On our journey we travelled past Horse Guards Parade and 10 Downing Street and took in the excitement of being in the capital city. After a long bus trip, we arrived at the Houses of Parliament and made our way through the airport style security entrance. We were welcomed by friendly staff and we couldn’t wait to look around the famous building. There were many people in Parliament that day doing lots of different jobs!

As we walked through the Houses of Parliament we learnt that they are also referred to as the Palaces of Westminster. We got to sit in the House of Commons and the House of Lords where very important debates and discussions were taking place. In the House of Commons we saw the Speaker who makes sure that MP’s take turns to speak. In this room the chairs are green. In the House of Lords the chairs are red. This is where laws are made.

After our tour we enjoyed a workshop in one of the classrooms in the Parliamentary Education Centre. We learnt more about how laws are made and thought of our own new law linked to plastic waste and saving our planet. It was so much fun! We enjoyed acting out our debate, making our own bill and then Queen Abigail signed it for us!

Finally, before lunch we even got to meet our MP, Mr Kelvin Hopkins. He answered lots of questions and told us about the special jobs he does to make our town a better place. He also said how much he enjoys being an MP and helping others.

We had a great day and learnt so much.

Our Members of Pupil Parliament were a fantastic example of the children who go to our school last week, and we are very proud of each and every one of them!