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Physical Education

PE (Physical Education) is taught in accordance with the National Curriculum requirements.  We provide opportunities for all children to learn a progression of skills throughout early years and key stage 1 in dance, gymnastics, games and athletics. The National Curriculum focuses on key skills of balance, agility and co-ordination. We work on these skills and teach the children to apply these in a range of activities

Teachers have taken part in Topps training for gymnastics and dance led by Active Luton. This has developed teacher’s confidence and skills when teaching these areas which has had a huge impact on the children’s learning and confidence. In addition to the allocated time for PE during the school week we also provide opportunities for children to take part in other activities. Children are encouraged to play active games during lunchtimes led by the mid-day supervisors and supported by the active council.

During dance children are taught to create simple movement patterns incorporating a number of dance elements. Dance elements include travelling, gestures, turns, stillness and jumps. Children are taught to move to the music counting the beats.


During gymnastics children are taught to balance, travel, rock, roll and jump. They use different parts of their bodies and think about how their body feels and the muscles they are using when moving and balancing. These skills develop throughout key stage one.


During games children develop a range of ball skills and techniques to play a range of sporting games. Within year 1 children spend time passing the ball including throwing and kicking and incorporating them in mini games to consolidate the skill in order to enable children to play more structured games in year 2 and participate in team games, developing simple tactics for attacking and defending


During athletics children learn the skills of running, jumping and throwing in preparation for sports day.

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Up and coming sports competitions


Competition Date Time Venue

Net and wall festival

Year 2

1st Feb 2017 1-3 Inspire

Football festival

Year 1

29th March 2017 1-3pm



Athletics 25th April 2017 1-3 Stockwood track

Golf competition

Year 1 and 2

4th May 2017 1-3pm Stockwood golf club
Multi-skills 21st June 2017 1-3 Pirton Hill

Tennis festival

Year 1

4th July 2017 9.30-11.30am

Vauxhall rec centre

Venue 360

Physical activity at home

As a school we are committed to encouraging physical activity for all our children.

How to increase activity:

  • The easiest way to develop physical activity further is to walk to and from school each day.
  • As the warmer weather approaches it’s a great opportunity to visit local parks for walking, games and outdoor activities.
  • Riding bikes and scooters.
  • Local sports clubs.

Local holiday clubs during school holidays.


Intra-school competitions

We are developing competitions within school and year groups. This provides the children with opportunities to complete a range of different activities in a competitive situation. Children have the chance to learn how to manage competitive situations and be gracious winners and runners up.