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Building on their prior knowledge and experience, pupils at William Austin Infant School develop an awareness of the underlying patterns in number and shape which are a foundation for calculating methods, measurement and shape work in the future. The development of mathematical language is of fundamental importance.
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In Foundation stage children are taught:

  • To develop mathematical language.
  • To recognise and recreate patterns.
  • To compare, sort, match, order and count objects and to sequence everyday objects and   events.
  • To develop understanding of numbers as labels and for counting.
  • To use vocabulary involved in adding and subtracting.
  • To use mathematical ideas and methods to solve practical problems.

The main emphasis at Key Stage 1 is on:

  • Number and mental calculation strategies.
  • Learning to count in preparation for work on place value and working with large numbers.
  • Using the four operations of number in relative contexts and problem solving.
  • Recognise patterns and symmetry.
  • Developing skills in measuring and estimating.