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Pupil Parliament


At William Austin Infant School we are proud to introduce our new Members of Pupil Parliament (MPPs) for 2016-2017.


Our Pupil Parliament for this academic year is made up of 1 person from each class across Years 1 and 2, therefore there are 10 MPPs in total. This year the MPPs will work closely with other important groups in our school including the Road Safety Ambassadors and Online Safety Cadets.


Our Pupil Parliament will meet once every month to discuss school issues and share their peer’s ideas. On some occasions they may meet more regularly to discuss any urgent matters arising. Pupil Parliament will share their meeting minutes and any developments related to school business on their notice board in our library area which is close to the school reception.

Watch this space to see what special jobs and actions our MPP’s do in school this year.


Members of Pupil Parliament (MPPs) 2016-2017.

Year 1 Year 2
Amna – Maple Aydin – Lark
Nazihah – Willow Husaam – Puffin
Muhammad – Ali – Oak Alyan – Kingfisher
Fatima – Pine Arooj – Owl
Aaira – Beech Liyana – Robin
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Picture 2
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
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