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Governor's Welcome

Governor’s Welcome

Message from Chair of Governors

Welcome to William Austin Infants! This is a great school and I encourage you to look over the website. You will see that we care deeply about the children and are working very hard to give them a good start. Actually, I said you should look over the website but I will go further and encourage you to visit the school itself. You will get a warm welcome, meet a dedicated staff, and see a lovely group of children … and it’s the children that make William Austin what it is.

Stan Boelman, Chair of Governors

Message from a Co-opted Governor

I think the school is a very large, friendly and good infant school that provides a safe environment for young children to learn and develop. It has clear goals and visions in what it would like its children to achieve both academically as well as personally before they leave at the end of Year 2.

It is a school that has a very friendly and approachable staff for all, from any community which is one of the reasons why it is so appealing for parents to send their children here, staff always seem available to help.

I love the strong family/community involvement in the school

My main reason for becoming a governor was I wanted to help the children improve and achieve good results in each subject. I wanted to be in a position where I could help influence that ALL children from whatever ethnic/religious back ground whether entitled FSM or not…all had the same opportunities and all received help if required.

I also wanted to give back to the community and be involved to help our community and I do feel this is one way of doing that.

Main objective: – Help children achieve their full potential and for Ofsted inspectors to see what an outstanding this school really is.

Mrs Khan, Co-opted Governor