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Year 2 Reading and Writing in the Curriculum


In Year 2 children will read and listen to a range of texts that will capture their interest and develop their pleasure in reading. Children will read comic books, poetry, stories and non- fiction books. They learn to read confidently and independently through daily guided reading sessions and through all areas of the curriculum. They focus on words and sentences and how they fit into whole texts. They work out the meaning of texts and say why they like them or do not like them. Children are encouraged to express opinions about major events or ideas in stories, poems and non-fiction. They use their phonic knowledge to decode new words until they are confident and fluent. They can read words with more than one syllable and those with suffixes e.g. –ed, -ly,- ing. Children will be exposed to new vocabulary and learn about their meanings whilst also discussing their favourite words or phrases. When learning about poetry children will learn how to recite these independently.



During Year 2 children will learn to communicate meaning through different writing genres. They will also be taught how to spell words and punctuate sentences correctly. Children will be provided with opportunities to write about their own experiences and those of others, real events and different types of poetry. Before writing children are given lots of opportunities to practise, plan and say what they are going to write. They learn how to spell common exception words. They will also learn new ways of spelling phonemes for which one or more spellings are already known. They will also spell longer words that use suffixes (- ment, -ness, -ful, -less, -ly).  Children are encouraged to use appropriate and interesting vocabulary, and showing awareness of the reader. Handwriting in Year 2 is taught discretely each week and emphasis is given for application of these skills in their wider writing. Children will learn how to use horizontal and diagonal joins. As a school we use Talk For Writing and this is embedded in our teaching approach.