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Our topic is ‘Seaside’ and we are going to design and make our very own puppets!

Last Wednesday the children in Year 2 had an exciting morning. We had a visiting puppet show arrive!

Chris the puppeteer showed us all different types of puppets from all around the world! We saw string puppets from India and Cuba, a rod puppet from Thailand and a shadow puppet from China. We thought that they were fascinating.

He showed us two puppets that were traditionally found at the seaside. They were called Punch and Judy and he even demonstrated Punch’s funny voice!

After that Chris showed us some magic finger puppets and even showed us how to make a sock puppet out of an odd sock! It looked really easy and we can’t wait to give it a go!

Next it was time for the puppet show! It was so much fun! We shouted, laughed and all joined in as the animals played all sorts of tricks on the poor clown!

When the show had finished Chris showed us how puppets can be used to make up stories or how they can be used to tell traditional tales. He chose some volunteers and we helped him to retell the traditional tale ‘The three little pigs.’

Just before the end Chris introduced us to his dog Scruffy. He was a really cheeky dog!

What a wonderful morning we had! Please take a look at all of the photos!