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Nasal 'Flu Vaccination 4 December 2018

This year NHS England are offering all Infant school children in Year R, Year 1 and Year 2 a Nasal ‘Flu Vaccination. This year the vaccination will be administered in our school by fully trained NHS staff, who will visit school on Tuesday 4 December 2018 to carry out the vaccination clinic.


Children are 'super spreaders' when it comes to illnesses like 'Flu, and Doctors say the 'Flu virus can spread more easily in schools and nurseries, which puts grandparents and others at risk of getting ill at home.  Those with heart or lung conditions and pregnant family members can also be especially vulnerable. 


This vaccination is easily given in school via a nasal spray, so no needles and injections are involved.


The nasal vaccine contains porcine gelatine. There is no suitable alternative vaccine available for otherwise healthy children.


Consent must be given by parents or carers before the vaccine can be administered. Please be reassured that your child will NOT be given the ‘Flu vaccination without your full consent. 


Please watch the short information video below, which features school children to see why it is so important to vaccinate children against the illness.