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Lunchtime Menu for Autumn and Spring Terms 2019-20

Lunchtime Information

At William Austin Infant School we work really hard to promote positive behaviour at lunchtime. Lunchtime is a large proportion of your child’s day in school and we want this to be a positive and enjoyable social time.

We remind the children of the importance of following the rules to ensure they enjoy the social part of lunchtime as much as they enjoy their food. Please support our efforts by reinforcing good eating habits at home. The lunchtime rules are:

  1. We wash our hands before eating
  2. We line up quietly and talk quietly
  3. We show respect to all staff at lunchtime
  4. We sit properly on our chair
  5. We remember to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’
  6. We use our knife, fork and spoon properly
  7. We walk when we are in the dining hall and in the corridors on the way to the playground
  8. We wait until we have an empty mouth before we speak
  9. We put our hand up if we have a problem
  10. We tidy up and clear our plate when we have finished.


As well as encouraging and promoting good behaviours in the dining hall, we are working hard to encourage the children to play games with their peers on the playground. The atmosphere on all playgrounds has been very positive and it has been wonderful to see the children playing with their peers and enjoying their time outside during lunchtime…it is fair to say that the adults have also had a fun time joining in the games and leading activities for the children – the ‘Hokey Cokey’, led by Mrs Smythe, has been one of the favourites on the Year 1 playground!


School Meals

Our aim is to provide a nutritionally balanced meal to every pupil who wants one and to encourage them to take a school meal. Every day we try and ensure that pupils have a happy eating experience with us, in a safe and secure environment. We are lucky to have excellent meals cooked by our caring and hardworking kitchen staff. By eating together, children are encouraged to learn how to use cutlery and good manners.

From September 2014 all children from Reception to Year 2 are entitled to a daily free school meal. The uptake on this has been very good and we have been very pleased with the amount of children now enjoying a free school dinner.

Children are offered a ‘mini choice’ menu and choose from three first courses and two desserts and fresh fruit and yoghurt are also offered.


Packed Lunch

If parents wish, their child may bring in a packed lunch which will be eaten in the dining hall. Lunches should be in a named bag and should not contain fizzy drinks, chocolates or sweets. They should form a healthy and balanced meal. Because of the increasing number of children with nut allergies, we request that you do not send peanuts or sandwich spreads and other foods that may have nuts in them.


Change from packed lunch to School Meal or vice versa?

Parents/carers wishing to change meal arrangements from packed lunches to hot meals or vice versa are required to give the kitchen one week’s notice.


Fresh Fruit/Vegetables 

As part of the Government’s Healthy Eating initiative, all children in school are provided with fruit or vegetables every day at mid-morning. No other food or sweets should be sent to school for birthdays or special occasions.



Free milk is offered to children under the age of 5. When children become 5, parents can pay for milk. At the beginning of every term, letters are sent to parents informing them of the cost of milk should they wish their child to have it. There is a short time for sending in milk money so make sure you look out for letters and send in your reply slips and money (cash/cheque) by the closing date! Milk is also given every day at mid-morning.

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