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Friday Assembly Superstars

On Fridays we have a Superstar Assembly where two children from each class are awarded for working extremely well and trying their very best in a particular subject. 

On the last Friday of each month we have a Values Assembly. Each class nominates a child who has best shown the Value for that month. The child wears a 'Values Crown' for the day, and is awarded a special certificate.

Our Handwriting and Presentation Superstars for week ending 15 November 2019 are: 

Year 1

Pine Class:   Aadam and Aariz

Willow Class: Haroon and Amina

Oak Class:  Safiya and Ridhi

Maple Class: Maryam and Hashim

Beech Class: Aroush and Inaya

Year 2 

Lark Class: Haneef and Zara

Puffin Class: Zunairah and Ihsaan

Owl Class:  Anisha and Hafsa

Kingfisher Class: Aimen and Hamad

Robin Class:  Daniyal and Sarina


Our Superstars for October's Value of Friendship are:

Year R

Bluebell Class:  Alizah

Buttercup Class:  Aayan

Daisy Class:  Haleemasadia

Poppy Class:  Jameela

Snowdrop Class:  Jannah

Year 1

Beech Class:  Mohammed Ali

Maple Class:  Umar
Oak Class:  Ilyas
Pine Class:  Aaminah

Willow Class:  Maryam

Year 2

Kingfisher Class: Aimen

Lark Class:  Inaaya

Owl Class:  Aimen

Puffin Class:  Tazmeen

Robin Class:  Fizza


Friday 1 November 2019

We did not have a Superstar Assembly, due to the Flu Immunisation programme and Year R Parents Workshop taking place. 


Our Science Superstars for week ending 18 October 2019 are: 

Year 1

Willow Class: Dua Fatima and Aaryan

Oak Class:  Yunus and Marwaa

Maple Class: Rayhan and Ifrah

Beech Class: Inaya and Muhammed-Ali

Year 2 

Lark Class: Aahil and Shehryar

Puffin Class: Abbas and Amirah

Owl Class:  Aleena and Hafsa

Kingfisher Class: Aaizah and Safiyah

Robin Class:  Furqan and Ayesha


Our English Superstars for week ending 11 October 2019 are: 

Year 1

Pine Class:   Musa and Myrah

Willow Class: Samuel and Zayna

Oak Class:  Dereck and Hamza

Maple Class: A'ishah and Subhaan

Beech Class: Anaya and Zahra

Year 2 

Miss Ruddle's group: Ali and Khadijah

Mr Herbert's group: Adiba and Ziyaan

Miss Rana's Group: Alyan and Taiba

MS Nic Dhonncha's group: Ayesha and Abigail

Mrs Begum's group: Rayaan and Amaya

Mrs Patel's group: Sajjal and Hajra


Our Superstars for September's Value of Peace are:

Year R

Bluebell Class:  Aahil

Buttercup Class:  Abrish

Daisy Class:  Ubaid

Poppy Class:  Saad

Snowdrop Class:  Zuha

Year 1

Beech Class:  Sarah-Maria

Maple Class:  Sumaya
Oak Class:  Nabilah
Pine Class:  Kaleb

Willow Class:  Haajar

Year 2

Kingfisher Class:  Yusuf

Lark Class:  Aminah

Owl Class:  Dahir

Puffin Class:  AbuBakr

Robin Class:  Ibrahim


There were no Superstars for the assembly on Friday 27 September 2019, as it was our Harvest Festival Service.


Our Maths Superstars for week ending 20 September 2019 are: 

Year 1

Pine Class:   Aadam and Zoya

Willow Class: Zainab B and Maaz

Oak Class:  Safiya and Al Qabila

Maple Class: Hira and Zumar

Beech Class: Aroush and Iman

Year 2 

Lark Class: Shehryar, Yusuf and Safiyyah

Owl Class:  Yusuf, Imtiyazz and Hafsa

Kingfisher Class: Nylah and Adyan

Robin Class:  Musa, Aneisha, Arya and Aaiza


Our Behaviour, Rules and Expectations Superstars for week ending 13 September 2019 are: 

Year 1

Pine Class:   Siam and Maleeha

Willow Class: Mohammed and Reka

Oak Class:  Mahnoor and Ilyas

Maple Class: Habiba and Sheikh Tijani

Beech Class: Esha and Daniyal

Year 2 

Lark Class: Ali and Urooj

Puffin Class: Hashim and Sajjal

Owl Class:  Taiba Noor and Ibrahim

Kingfisher Class: Adyan and Asadullah

Robin Class:  Fajer and Adyan