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Equality Objectives

Equality Objectives 2019-2020.

  1. To continue to increase parental involvement in different aspects within school.
  2. To continue to raise awareness of gifted and talented pupils and how to effectively support them in class.
  3. At the End of Key Stage 1 in July 2020 to raise standards and attainment between disadvantaged pupils and other pupils in all subjects.
  4. To ensure disadvantaged pupils achieve the expected standard and greater depth standard and are close to or above national figures for other pupils in July 2020.
  5. To continue to provide a wide range of Arts and Cultural learning opportunities and experiences across all areas of the curriculum.


  1.  We aim to continue to develop and strengthen relationships with parents. We aim to continue increasing parental involvement in different aspects within school, including trips, after school clubs, language support, special school events, assemblies, festivals and celebrations, curriculum workshops and family learning.
  2. Staff continue to use the method of identifying Gifted and Talented pupils which was developed with the support of our local authority advisor to identify Gifted and Talented children within their classes. We need to continue to support staff in providing challenge for the children identified and ensure the appropriate resources are in place. 
  3. Our End of Key Stage 1 2019 data shows a significant difference between the attainment of our disadvantaged pupils and other pupils at the expected standard or above. We need to continue focusing on targeting PPF children with extra intervention groups such as ‘Talking Maths’ and ‘Talking Partners’. These groups run regularly each week and are led consistently by the same member of staff.
  4. In line with our assessment criteria, Local Authority and government expectations, all pupils including disadvantaged pupils are expected to reach the expected standard. Greater depth in all subjects by higher able ability children also needs to be maintained. Regular INSET and training for Maths and English, along with other subject areas such as Phonics and Science support staff in developing their knowledge and skills and providing new ideas on how best to deliver curriculum content.
  5. We have successfully achieved the Silver ArtsMark and aim to continue participating in a range of Arts and Cultural experiences. We are now on our journey to achieving the ArtsMark Gold Award in order to deliver high quality Arts Provision for all children. We will continue to develop partnerships with cultural organisations and other settings such as the UK Centre for Carnival Arts in Luton and aim to enhance our provision further.