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British Values Week

British Values Week.

During the week beginning 30 November, all of the children within William Austin Infants School took part in a ‘British Values’ week. Throughout the week the children thought about what it meant to be ‘British’. They were also introduced to the four key British Values of Democracy, The Rule of Law, Mutual Tolerance and Respect of those with different faiths and beliefs and Individual Liberty.

As we were focusing on British Values, this week was also a perfect opportunity for the children in Key Stage 1 to take part in a democratic vote within our school by voting for their preferred chosen Members of Pupil Parliament (MPPs). The children in Key Stage 1 had the opportunity to put themselves forward to run a campaign to become an MPP. They made posters and wrote speeches which they then presented to their year groups. The children had to listen carefully and think about which each person could bring to our school. They understood that they needed to choose someone who would listen to them and make their voice heard within our school.

Each child within Year 1 and 2 then took part in a voting system. They each had a voting slip and chose 1 person they thought would be good for the role. Once their voting slips were filled in, the children made their way to the ‘Polling Station’ where they placed their vote into the ballot box.

The children really enjoyed taking part in this activity and were able to discuss clearly what it was that they were doing.

All of the children across William Austin Infant School produced lovely pieces of art work throughout this week linked to the different British Values. Year 1 and 2 produced art work linking value words like peace, tolerance, respect and love to the religions from around the world including Islam, Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism. There was a mutual understanding around school that everyone in the world shares the same common values and we can all live together harmoniously.

It was a great week and the children worked really hard. We look forward to another British Values week in spring 2!