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Assessment of pupils without levels

In Year 1 and 2 we use the National Curriculum 2014 to plan from and we ensure children have covered all the objectives in their year group by the end of the year.


In Year 1 and 2 the children’s progress is tracked and assessed using steps within an age band. There are 6 steps within a band and the band is linked to what year group they are in. eg Year 1 = band 1. The 6 steps are:

b/b+ = beginning/beginning +

w/w+ = working within/working within +

s/s+ = secure/secure +


Teachers use the Interim Teacher Assessment Framework at the end of Key Stage 1  to help make teacher assessment judgements for each child.

The assessment system has been set up using the guidelines as set out in the document Final Report of the Commission on Assessment without Levels – September 2015’ and the guidelines set out by NAHT. (links for the above documents are below)


We will also continue to work in partnership with neighbourhood schools and the Local Authority to ensure there is a rigorous and accurate assessment system for our pupils.


End of Key Stage 1 tests 2017

  • At the end of Year 2 the children will undertake the end of Key Stage 1 tests and these will assess the National Curriculum.
  • Schools must administer the Key Stage 1 tests during May 2017.
  • The outcomes of the Key Stage 1 tests will then be converted into scaled scores using conversion tables provided by the government.
  • There is no longer a test for English writing.
  • Children will be tested on Maths, Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling and Reading.
Links to the documents listed above