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Star Pupil Award


At William Austin Infant School we have been taking part in a Star Pupil Award which provides children with the opportunity to win prizes at the Galaxy Centre in Luton.

Each month, class teachers and staff choose 1 child from their class who has been a ‘star pupil’ that month. It could be for any reason. Maybe they have been using good manners, maybe they kept trying really hard even though they found a task difficult or maybe they are really helpful at tidying things away. There are many reasons why a child might be picked by their teacher.


The children’s names and reasons for being a star are then collected by Miss Moran who sends them off to a panel at the Galaxy. They then choose a winner from various schools.


Each month we will update our school website with the names of children who have been nominated along with the reason they have been chosen for being a ‘star pupil’ that month. If we have a winner from our school we will then also share this with you all and they will be awarded with a prize in a special assembly in school.


Keep an eye on our website to see who has been nominated each month!

Star Pupil Project – March 2017

Year R.

Danyal – Bluebell.

Danyal is one of the quieter members of the class. He has tried hard this month to involve himself in lots of activities with others and tries new activities with confidence.

Mustafa – Poppy.

Mustafa has tried really hard with his phonics, reading, writing and maths work these last few weeks.

Aisha – Buttercup.

Made really good progress in phonics. Now she is able to blend and segment CVC words independently.

Zaynab – Snowdrop.

Zaynab has been trying very hard to recognise numbers to 10. She is always a super star at tidying up time and kind to everyone in class.

Hafsah – Daisy.

Hafsah is kind, helpful and always tries her best.


Year 1.

Ali – Willow.

Ali has worked so hard on his writing and has made good progress. He is writing longer and interesting sentences and checks that his work makes sense. He is also very caring towards other children in his class and always tries his best.

Zahraa – Pine.

Zahraa shows great determination even when she finds things difficult, she keeps on trying. She also likes to help and encourage others.

Aalia – Maple.

Aalia is always being kind and caring towards others.

Umar – Oak.

Umar has been trying very hard this month and his confidence is growing. His hand is always up when on the carpet and gets on independently during tasks.

Aiza – Beech.

Aiza is trying really hard to understand maths even though it isn’t easy.

Year 2.

Hafsah – Owl.

Hafsah replaced a broken pencil pot from home out of kindness.

Inaya – Kingfisher.

Fantastic behaviour at all times. Always showing me that she is ready to listen and learn. Beautiful presentation and always tries hard.

Zaynab – Lark.

For always trying hard, for helping others and making good choices.

Hassnah Noor – Robin.

For growing in confidence and trying her best to complete work independently.

Zain – Puffin.

Trying his best during lessons. Always cheerful, friendly and helpful.


Star Pupil Project November 2016

Star Pupil Project – November 2016.

Year R.

Daniyal – Daisy.

Daniyal has been working really hard on his pencil grip and letter formation. We can now see a huge improvement and can read his work.

Amaya – Buttercup.

For always trying hard in all she does.

Karandeep – Bluebell.

Always listens to adults and her class peers. She has lovely manners and is always willing to help.

Laiba – Snowdrop.

Laiba has been working very hard in school. She always joins in well with others and is very polite.

Sumayyah – Poppy.

For trying hard to answer questions about her reading book.


Year 1.

Laraib – Willow.

For always trying hard with her writing and counting and for listening well on the carpet. Laraib takes on advice very well also with a sensible attitude.

Sara – Oak.

Becoming more confident and putting her hand up on the carpet. Always has a big smile on her face too.

Zaid – Pine.

Zaid always makes the right choice about his behaviour and helps others to do the same.

Imran – Beech.

Imran has suddenly understood how numbers work and has used his new found confidence to help others.

Yusra – Maple.

For always being polite and helpful and taking care of her handwriting.


Year 2.

Saifan – Robin.

For improving behaviour and neat handwriting.

Sahar – Puffin.

Trying her best. Putting a lot of time and effort into her homework. Sharing interesting and imaginative ideas.

Sania – Owl.

Sania has been trying her best to do her best work and follow instructions.

Jasmeet – Lark.

For always trying her best and having a big smile every day.

Muhammad Esa – Kingfisher.

For listening carefully and working hard in all lessons.


Star Pupil Project – October 2016

Well done to the following children who were nominated as ‘Star Pupil’ in October!

Year R.

Amaya – Buttercup.

Now comes in happy in the mornings, always tries hard and listens well.

Qais – Snowdrop.

Qais always tries hard during lessons and is friendly to everyone.

Ayman – Daisy.

He is trying really hard to write his name by himself.

Hudhayfah – Poppy.

For settling in well and making friends even though he started school in October.

Wanya – Bluebell.

Tries her best in every activity and is always happy and polite to other children. She is always looking out for others.


Year 1.

Ayemen – Willow.

She has settled into her new school and class well with a constant smile on her face. She always tries her very best and is a keen team player.

Anaya – Pine.

Anaya is always kind and caring and always ready to help others. She is also developing her confidence and is more willing to share her ideas in class.

Aisha – Oak.

For always being friendly and smiley. Aisha has looked after two children who were worried about friends in our class.

Madeena – Beech.

For always being the first child ready for PE and changing back into school uniform and for never making a fuss.


Year 2.

Ayaan – Kingfisher.

Always working hard and showing impeccable manners.

Reyan – Owl.

Reyan has been trying his best during English and Maths.

Ameena – Puffin.

Being helpful and making sure the classroom is tidy.

Tayyaba Ahmed – Lark.

Nearly always a lunch time superstar due to good behaviour and manners.


Star Pupil Project – September 2016.

Well done to the following children who were nominated as ‘Star Pupil’ in September!

Year R.

Daawud – Poppy.

For looking after our classroom and making it a safe place by picking things up from the floor and putting things away that other children have left out.

Sadiqul – Buttercup.

For an excellent first piece of writing.

Haleema –Snowdrop.

Haleema is always happy and kind to everyone. She tries very hard and does not give up when things are tricky.

Eliyah – Daisy.

For trying hard to settle into her new school and for always being keen to work with an adult. She always tries her best.

Rizza – Bluebell.

For always being happy, helpful and full of high energy. She has made a great start to Year R.


Year 1.

Vikash – Willow.

For always using such good manners with a big smile on his face and for always trying really hard on all activities while helping others too.

Muskan – Maple.

For being helpful and always trying her best with everything she does.

Hibba – Oak.

For always being cheerful and eager to learn. J

Shree – Beech.

Shree always tries to do her best, and she is kind and caring.

Aaminah – Pine.

She is always happy and cheerful and always tries her best even if she finds things hard.


Year 2.

Seher – Kingfisher.

For always listening to instructions and always showing her teacher that she is ready to learn!

Yusuf – Lark.

For always trying his hardest no matter what subject and for always having a smile.

Fatimah – Robin.

For excellent behaviour and showing her values at all times.

Mariam – Owl.

Mariam takes on board positive praise and is proud of her work.

Husaam – Puffin.

For working hard and trying his best especially with his handwriting.