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Learning Logs

Each year group has a Learning Log activity linked to their learning in class each week. Please ensure your child completes their task on time. The tasks are designed to build upon previous learning and support your child in class. They are a great opportunity for children to share at home what they have learnt in school and to extend their knowledge. You can use many methods to work with your child to present the work. You may want to take photos, cut things out, paint, draw, colour or write. Please help your child to take pride in their work and have fun working on tasks!


  • Year R learning logs go home on a Wednesday and are due in on Mondays.
  • Year 1 learning logs go home on a Friday and are due in on Wednesdays.
  • Year 2 learning logs go home on Wednesday and are due in on Mondays.


Learning log workshops are run every week to give you ideas on how best to support your child.

  • Year R Workshop Tuesday 9am in the main school hall
  • Year 2 Workshop Wednesday 9am in the main school hall
  • Year 1 Workshop Friday 9am in the family worker's room


You will be given the opportunity to discuss the task and suggestions on how to tackle the task at home. If you any further questions please ask the adults running the session or your child’s class teacher for further support.

Some Year 1 children have shared some of their work and thoughts on learning logs to help you at home.



“This is my favourite page because it has lots of pictures and colour. I take my time when I complete my learning log” Fizza



“I like my doing my learning log because I get to do lots of writing” Rohan



“I like doing my learning log because I can stick, colour and write.” Zaeemah



“I really like this homework because it has my whole family in it. I liked writing about them.” Yamin